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Thursday 18 January 2024

Domino Day - Starring Siena Kelly

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Prepare for a bewitching journey as the BBC unveils the tantalizing first trailer and captivating new images for the upcoming modern-day witchcraft drama, "Domino Day." Created and written by the BAFTA-nominated Lauren Sequeira, this explosive series is developed and produced by Fremantle's Dancing Ledge Productions, the creative force behind hits like "The Responder" and "The Salisbury Poisonings." Set to captivate audiences on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, "Domino Day" promises a spellbinding experience.

Starring the BAFTA-nominated Siena Kelly ("Adult Material," "Hit & Run") as the enigmatic Domino Day, the series unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Manchester. Domino, a young woman navigating the intricacies of modern dating apps, isn't on the hunt for love. Instead, she swipes with a darker purpose – she's on a quest for something supernatural.

As a young witch wielding extraordinary powers, Domino is in search of a community that can help her unravel the mysteries of her identity. However, unbeknownst to her, a coven of witches is already tracking her every move. Convinced that her powers pose a threat capable of annihilating everything in their path, the coven believes they must stop her at any cost.

The drama intensifies when a perilous figure from Domino's past resurfaces, raising the stakes for all involved. Will this be a chance at a fresh start, or will it culminate in a final, dramatic showdown?

Siena Kelly leads an exceptional cast, including Babirye Bukilwa, Poppy Lee Friar, Alisha Bailey, and Molly Harris, forming the captivating coven. The series also features a stellar ensemble, including Sam Howard-Sneyd, Percelle Ascott, Lucy Cohu, Christopher Jeffers, Jonah Rzeskiewicz, and Maimuna Memon.

"Domino Day," comprising six thrilling episodes of 45 minutes each, is not just a narrative creation of Lauren Sequeira but also features episodes penned by Charlene James and Haleema Mirza. Directed by Eva Sigurdardottir and Nadira Amrani, with Nick Pitt as series producer and Megan Ott as producer, the series boasts a powerful team.

Executive producers Lauren Sequeira, Laurence Bowen, Chris Carey, Eva Sigurdardottir, and Elinor Day spearhead Dancing Ledge Productions, a Fremantle company, alongside Lucy Richer and Ayela Butt for the BBC.

Mark your calendars as "Domino Day" unveils its magic on BBC iPlayer from 6 am on Wednesday, January 31, with weekly episodes airing on BBC Three from 9 pm on the same night. Fremantle takes charge of global distribution for this enchanting series, promising a captivating experience for audiences worldwide.

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