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Wednesday 10 January 2024

Get Ready for a Mind-Bending Mystery with David Mitchell in BBC One’s 'Ludwig'

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Excitement is building as filming kicks off for the six-part detective series 'Ludwig,' set to grace BBC One and star the talented David Mitchell. The genre-bending series promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with a unique blend of mystery, comedy, and drama.

In 'Ludwig,' David Mitchell takes on the role of John 'Ludwig' Taylor, whose life takes an unexpected turn when his identical twin, James, mysteriously vanishes. Without hesitation, John steps into his brother's shoes, assuming his identity in a quest to unravel the mystery behind James's disappearance. Living a life of solitude and anonymity, John, known by the pseudonym 'Ludwig,' designs puzzles for a living.

However, the stakes are raised when it's revealed that James, the missing twin, is a successful DCI leading Cambridge's busy inner-city major crimes team. John, a master of cryptic puzzles, now faces the challenge of cracking the biggest puzzle of his life—finding his missing twin.

Joining David Mitchell in this crime comedy-drama is Anna Maxwell Martin, known for her roles in 'Motherland' and 'Line of Duty,' as Lucy Betts-Taylor. Lucy is John's sister-in-law and the wife of the missing brother James, adding an intriguing layer to the unfolding mystery.

David Mitchell expresses his delight at working in a genre he has loved since childhood, citing his early fascination with Miss Marple adaptations. He humorously remarks, "Sometimes the only thing that can bring the whole family together is murder."

The ensemble cast includes Dipo Ola, Gerran Howell, Izuka Hoyle, Dylan Hughes, and Dorothy Atkinson, promising a diverse and talented lineup to bring the captivating story to life.

Produced by Big Talk Studios in association with That Mitchell And Webb Company, 'Ludwig' is a BBC One and BBC iPlayer production commissioned by Jon Petrie, Director of Comedy Commissioning at the BBC. The series is created and written by Mark Brotherhood, with Executive Producers Kenton Allen, Saurabh Kakkar, David Mitchell, Kathryn O'Connor, and Chris Sussman. Georgie Fallon serves as the Producer, and Robert McKillop and Jill Robertson direct the series.

Scheduling details for 'Ludwig' will be announced soon, so get ready to immerse yourself in this thrilling and enigmatic tale of identity, puzzles, and unexpected twists.

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