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Friday 5 January 2024

Gladiators Return: A Thrilling Reboot coming to BBC One

Get ready for an adrenaline-packed journey as Gladiators, the iconic sports entertainment gameshow, makes its triumphant return to television on the BBC. The revamped series promises an electrifying combination of classic challenges and innovative new games, featuring 16 phenomenal Gladiators facing off against fearless contenders in the ultimate test of strength and speed.

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Hosts Extraordinaire: Bradley and Barney Walsh

Leading the charge as your dynamic hosts are the charismatic father-son duo, Bradley and Barney Walsh. With their charm, wit, and undeniable on-screen chemistry, the Walsh duo will guide viewers through the heart-pounding action. Gladiators isn't just a show for them—it's a family legacy. Donna Walsh, Barney's mom and Bradley's wife, served as the head choreographer for the Gladiator cheerleaders in the original series, making Gladiators a cherished part of their family history.

Premiere Date and Time

Mark your calendars! Gladiators is set to premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer starting Saturday, January 13, at 5.50 pm. Prepare to witness the clash of titans and the display of incredible athleticism that has defined this beloved series for years.

The Voice of Glory: Commentator Guy Mowbray

Adding to the excitement is the unmistakable voice of top-flight football commentator Guy Mowbray, who will provide thrilling commentary as contenders face off against Gladiators in intense challenges. His commentary promises to elevate the viewing experience, capturing the intensity and excitement of each moment.

Meet the Gladiators: A Lineup of Powerhouses

The 2024 series introduces a formidable lineup of Gladiators ready to dominate the arena. From the mighty Apollo and Athena to the explosive Dynamite and the indomitable Viper, each Gladiator brings a unique skill set and charisma to the battleground.

Referees Keeping Order: Mark Clattenburg, Sonia Mkoloma, and Lee Phillips

Ensuring fair play in the face of epic battles are the referees, led by ex-Premier League football referee Mark Clattenburg. Joining him in the quest for justice are Sonia Mkoloma and Lee Phillips, equipped with whistles and ready to maintain order in the midst of Gladiatorial chaos.

The Arena: Utilita Arena in Sheffield

The new series was filmed at the iconic Utilita Arena in Sheffield, setting the stage for epic showdowns and unforgettable moments. The arena's grandeur adds to the spectacle, creating an immersive experience for both the contenders and the audience.

Don't miss the return of Gladiators, where strength, speed, and strategy collide in a battle for glory. Tune in to BBC One and BBC iPlayer for the thrill of a lifetime starting January 13 at 5.50 pm. Let the games begin!

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