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Wednesday 3 January 2024

Q&A with Emma Willis - Style it Out

Channel CBBC
Date Wednesday, 10 January, 2024
Time 6:00 pm -6:30 pm

Can you tell us about your brand new show, Style it Out?

Style it Out is a fashion competition for any young person who likes to express themselves in a creative, fun and fashionable way. It's a competition that sees kids taking on different challenges with different themes each week. At the end of it all we have three finalists, and whoever wins gets to show their collection that they've made during the show at London Fashion Week!

And why this show? How did it come about?

This has been a passion project of mine that we've been working on for the past three years. I sat down with the production company in 2020 and they asked me what I wanted to do and I replied - I want to do a creative show with young people. So we kept talking and then this amazing fashion show, which centres around expressing yourself as an individual and sustainability in fashion is what came out of it. It's been a long process, but it's been absolutely worthwhile.

Why is sustainable fashion something that anyone should care about?

Sustainable fashion should be important to everybody. It's one of those things that we're starting to hear about but we don't really know enough about it. For me, I try to implement sustainability into my life by not over buying. I really try to only buy the things I actually need and pieces that have longevity. I'm also trying to make myself really aware of where I'm buying from, and I never throw anything away! My clothes always get either passed on to somebody or sent to charity. Some of my old clothes were actually used in some of the challenges in Style it Out – watch out for that.

In your experience, do you think kids really care about sustainability?

I think young kids seem much more switched on about sustainability and the environment. In my children's schools they have eco warriors who represent their class, like a student council but specifically focused on how to help the environment. Even though I'm trying to learn more about sustainability myself, I'm watching how my kids are being taught and learning so much from them. If we can teach the importance of sustainability much earlier on, then hopefully moving forwards it's going to have a much bigger and more positive impact.

In your opinion, how important is fashion to young people?

I think having fun in fashion is great for young minds, it can really help shape who they are. Even if it's not who they're going to be in 10 years, it's who they are now, and maybe in a year they'll like something else but that's part of life, isn't it? We learn as we grow. That's why I'm really hoping that Style it Out will give the kids who maybe feel like they're different the confidence and courage to keep being themselves!

To sum it up, why should people watch Style it Out?

You don't have to watch it just because you love fashion – though of course fashion lovers are very much welcome! There's loads of other different things in there. There's some amazing celebrity guests, there's loads of information about sustainability, and there's loads of fun to be had. Style it Out is a really exciting place to be so who knows what might come from it!

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