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Monday 15 January 2024

Taskmaster Reveal: Series 17 Contestants include no actual celebrities.

In the aftermath of an epic clash of the not-so-titans on the third "Champion of Champions" special of Taskmaster, the grand reveal for series 17 has been unveiled. Brace yourselves for a lineup of individuals who are, let's be honest, more elusive than a celebrity at a family reunion.

Gearing up for what some may consider the pinnacle of television (we're skeptical), this audacious bunch is set to be supervised by Lord Greg Davies, with the ever-so-slight presence of Little Alex Horne skittering alongside him. Despite Channel 4 boasting about the series being a crown jewel, we can't help but wonder if they're secretly relying on a magnifying glass to spot these "celebrities."

In the past year, this BAFTA and National Comedy Award-winning series proudly declared itself one of Channel 4's most beloved programs, clinching the prestigious title of the channel's third most streamed show of the year. A whopping 2.3 billion viewing minutes across all series in 2023, which might just be the collective time viewers spent trying to figure out who some of the contestants actually are.

Series 15's launch episode alone has garnered 85.4 million streaming minutes.

Now, onto the star-studded (or not) cast: Get ready for the comedic prowess of Joanne McNally (yes, she's won a British Podcast Award, who knew?), the Edinburgh Comedy Award winner John Robins (probably a household name in some parallel universe), the multi-talented Nick Mohammed (if you've seen Ted Lasso, you're ahead of us), the BAFTA-winning Sophie Willan (someone Google her, please), and last but not least, the illustrious Steve Pemberton (he's written something called Inside No. 9 – no, we haven't heard of it either).

As this illustrious lineup prepares to battle it out for points, we can't help but wonder if the real challenge is trying to become a Taskmaster champion when no one can remember your name. Executive Producers and Series Directors are listed – honestly, we lost interest trying to figure out if any of them are famous enough to warrant a mention. In any case, Channel 4 seems convinced that this is a winning formula, and who are we to argue? 

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