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Monday 26 February 2024

BBC Three's "Daddy Issues" Promises Hilarious Chaos and Heartwarming Moments

Get ready to laugh and cringe in equal measure with BBC Three's newest comedy offering, "Daddy Issues," brought to you by the creative minds behind the beloved hits "The Inbetweeners" and "White Gold." This original series from Fudge Park introduces audiences to a duo like no other: Gemma and her hapless father, Malcolm.

Starring the talented Aimee Lou Wood and David Morrissey, "Daddy Issues" is a fresh take on the complexities of family dynamics, wrapped in a hilarious package of mishaps and misunderstandings. Gemma, a carefree 24-year-old, finds herself facing an unexpected pregnancy after a chance encounter. With her life in disarray, she reluctantly turns to her bumbling father, Malcolm, for support.

Malcolm, recently divorced and utterly clueless in basic life skills, embarks on an adventure of fatherhood he never anticipated. From navigating the intricacies of modern dating to grappling with toxic relationships and messy family dynamics, Gemma and Malcolm stumble through parenthood together, one comedic disaster at a time.

The stellar cast, including David Fynn, Sharon Rooney, and Sarah Hadland, brings to life a diverse array of characters, each adding their own flavor to the chaos. From Gemma's eccentric antenatal teacher to Malcolm's equally inept roommate, every interaction promises uproarious moments and unexpected twists.

Behind the scenes, creator and writer Danielle Ward ("Brassic") crafts a script filled with wit, warmth, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. Directors Catherine Morshead ("The Full Monty") and Damon Beesley ("White Gold," "The Inbetweeners") ensure that each episode strikes the perfect balance between comedy and heart.

"Daddy Issues" is not just a comedy about father-daughter relationships; it's a celebration of the messy, unpredictable journey of parenthood, regardless of age or circumstance. With its endearing characters and relatable themes, this six-part series is set to become a must-watch for audiences of all ages.

"Daddy Issues" (6 x 30) is a Fudge Park production for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, promising to deliver belly laughs and heartwarming moments in equal measure. Don't miss out on this charming new addition to the BBC comedy lineup.

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