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Monday 19 February 2024

First Image of Danny Dyer and Ryan Sampson in Mr Bigstuff

Get ready to dive into the chaotic world of family dysfunction and suburban strife with Sky Original's latest comedy offering, "Mr Bigstuff." Set to premiere in Spring 2024 on Sky and NOW, this six-part series promises to deliver laughs, heart, and plenty of unexpected twists.

In an exclusive first look, we see Danny Dyer, renowned for his dramatic roles in "Eastenders" and "The Business," making his television comedy debut alongside Ryan Sampson, known for his work in "Brassic" and "Plebs." Dyer takes on the role of Lee, an alpha male with a penchant for prescription drugs and a quirky habit of carrying around their father's ashes in a biscuit tin. Meanwhile, Sampson portrays Glen, a neurotic perfectionist and carpet salesman desperately trying to maintain the illusion of suburban bliss with his fiancée Kirsty, played by Harriet Webb.

The stage is set for chaos when Lee barges back into Glen's meticulously curated life, seeking refuge from his troubled past. As the brothers, along with Kirsty, find themselves sharing a roof once again, viewers can expect a hilarious clash of personalities and a rapid unraveling of the facade of perfection they've worked so hard to maintain.

Joining Dyer and Sampson in this comedic rollercoaster are a talented ensemble cast including Harriet Webb, Adrian Scarborough, Fatiha El Ghorri, Ned Dennehy, Victoria Alcock, Geoff Bell, Nitin Ganatra, Judi Love, and more.

With Anil Gupta, Tom Miller, and Sam Myer serving as executive producers, and Ryan Sampson at the helm as creator and author, "Mr Bigstuff" promises to be a refreshing addition to Sky's lineup of original and exclusive titles for 2024. Get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even shed a tear as this dysfunctional family navigates the ups and downs of life in an Essex cul-de-sac.

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