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Monday 5 February 2024

Greg Davies returns for a 3rd series of The Cleaner on BBC One

Greg Davies returns as the beloved crime scene cleaner, Paul 'Wicky' Wickstead, in the eagerly anticipated third series of The Cleaner.

Armed with his trusty box of cleaning supplies, Wicky dives into six new crime scenes, encountering a colorful array of characters and situations. From tackling the aftermath of a lighthouse mishap in Northern Ireland to navigating the complexities of a reunion with a long-lost friend, Wicky's adventures promise to be as eventful as ever. Meanwhile, the reappearance of Ruth Edwards (Zita Sattar) adds an unexpected twist to Wicky's personal life, leaving him grappling with a new domestic arrangement.

Excited to step back into Wicky's shoes, Greg Davies expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming series and the opportunity to explore more of Wicky's darkly comedic world.

Vivien Muller-Rommel, the executive producer, echoes Davies' sentiments, expressing gratitude to the BBC and UK audiences for their continued support of the series. With promises of spills, thrills, and the occasional rogue body part, Muller-Rommel assures fans that the third installment will not disappoint.

Jon Petrie, BBC's Director of Comedy, praises Davies' comedic prowess and the series' ability to captivate audiences, citing its impressive viewership ratings and popularity. With series three set to introduce even more weird and wonderful characters, Petrie anticipates another hit for British comedy enthusiasts.

Having previously featured some of the UK's finest comedic and acting talents, The Cleaner series three is poised to continue this tradition, with full casting details to be announced soon.

Produced by SHUK (Studio Hamburg UK) for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, The Cleaner is a testament to the enduring success of its German predecessor, Der Tatortreiniger. With a talented team of writers and producers at the helm, the series promises to deliver more laughs, shocks, and memorable moments for audiences to enjoy.

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