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Monday 5 February 2024

Gregor Fisher and Greg McHugh star in a brand-new BBC sitcom from the makers of Guilt

BBC Comedy and BBC Scotland have joined forces with Happy Tramp North to bring audiences a fresh new sitcom titled Only Child, starring Greg McHugh and Gregor Fisher.

Set in North East Scotland, the series follows Richard (played by Greg McHugh), a solitary author who returns to his family home to care for his aging and idiosyncratic father, Ken (portrayed by Gregor Fisher). As Ken's behavior becomes increasingly eccentric, Richard grapples with the challenges of providing care while navigating their complex father-son relationship.

Penned by writer Bryce Hart, Only Child promises to blend humor with heartfelt moments, exploring themes of family dynamics, inter-generational differences, and the struggles of growing older. Filmed against the backdrop of Glasgow and the North East of Scotland, the series offers a glimpse into the quirky charm of Scottish life.

Bryce Hart, the writer, expresses excitement for audiences to meet the endearing characters of Ken and Richard, drawing inspiration from his own experiences with family dynamics and generational divides.

Greg McHugh eagerly anticipates his role in the series, praising Hart's brilliant writing and the opportunity to bring these characters to life on screen.

Gregor Fisher, known for his iconic roles in Scottish comedy, looks forward to collaborating with McHugh and bringing his character to life in Only Child.

Executive Producer Neil Webster emphasizes the universal appeal of the series, resonating with audiences who can relate to the challenges of familial relationships and the quirks of returning to one's hometown.

Jon Petrie, BBC's Director of Comedy, applauds Only Child for its authenticity and humor, predicting a warm reception from viewers.

Louise Thornton, Head of Commissioning at BBC Scotland, highlights the significance of Only Child in showcasing Scottish talent and storytelling, underscoring the excitement of having Fisher and McHugh lead the cast.

With its blend of humor, warmth, and relatable family dynamics, Only Child promises to captivate audiences and offer a fresh perspective on the joys and challenges of familial bonds.

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