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Monday 12 February 2024

Introducing "The Answer Run": A Thrilling Quiz Show Set to Hit BBC One and iPlayer

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Get ready to test your wits and quick thinking with BBC Daytime's latest commission: "The Answer Run." Created and produced by BBC Studios Entertainment Productions, this exciting quiz show, hosted by comedian Jason Manford, promises to be a fast-paced battle of brains, set to grace screens later this year.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Glasgow, filming for the 25-episode series kicks off in February. In "The Answer Run," three pairs of contestants will go head-to-head in a high-energy general knowledge quiz, where split-second decisions could make or break their chances of banking the cash prize.

The format revolves around 50/50 choices, where each question presents two possible answers. But with the pressure mounting, will contestants choose wisely as they swipe their way through the answers before time runs out?

From deciding between 'Beyonce or Barbie' to 'Neptune or Mars' and beyond, the answer categories promise to keep participants and viewers alike on their toes. As teams face elimination rounds, the tension builds until only one pair remains to take on the ultimate challenge: The Answer Run.

Jason Manford, thrilled to be at the helm of this exhilarating series, anticipates an addictive viewing experience that will have audiences shouting at their screens in excitement. With its fast pace, gripping suspense, and moments of laughter, "The Answer Run" is set to become a household favorite for families across the nation.

Rob Unsworth, Head of Commissioning for BBC Daytime, expresses his confidence in Manford's hosting abilities and the show's thrilling format, promising viewers an edge-of-the-seat finale. As the series prepares to make its debut later this year, BBC Daytime invites audiences to join in the fun and test their knowledge alongside the contestants.

Pete Ogden, Creative Director for BBC Studios Entertainment Productions, applauds the innovative nature of "The Answer Run" and praises Manford's charm and wit as the perfect fit for the show. With anticipation building, BBC One and iPlayer audiences can look forward to an exhilarating quiz experience unlike any other.

Commissioned by Rob Unsworth and overseen by Commissioning Editor Alex McLeod, "The Answer Run" is a testament to BBC Studios Entertainment's commitment to delivering captivating content. Suzy Lamb, Managing Director of BBC Studios Entertainment, leads the production team, with Gareth Edwards and Dylan Todd serving as Executive Producers.

Stay tuned as "The Answer Run" prepares to take audiences on an unforgettable quiz journey, blending excitement, suspense, and laughter into one unmissable television event.

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