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Tuesday 27 February 2024

Jason Manford Joins Cast as Headteacher in Upcoming Series of Waterloo Road

The beloved BBC drama "Waterloo Road" is set to welcome a familiar face to its cast as actor and comedian Jason Manford steps into the role of headteacher for the upcoming series.

Manford will portray Steve Savage, a character whose arrival promises to shake things up at Waterloo Road, leaving both staff and pupils feeling the impact. As Savage takes on the role of headteacher, viewers can anticipate a storyline filled with drama and intrigue, particularly regarding the fate of current headteacher Kim Campbell, played by Angela Griffin.

Commenting on his new role, Manford expressed his excitement, stating, "What an absolute treat it is to join the cast and crew of Waterloo Road, right here in my home city of Manchester." He added, "It's such a brilliant, iconic show, so I'm dead proud to now be part of its history."

Cameron Roach, Executive Producer of Waterloo Road and Founder of Rope Ladder Fiction, shared his enthusiasm for Manford's addition to the cast, praising the actor's comedic talent and his seamless integration into the spirit of the show. Roach also highlighted the opportunity for emerging Northern talent to learn alongside established names like Manford.

Alongside Manford, the next series of Waterloo Road will introduce several new characters, including Saira Choudhry as maths teacher Nisha Chandra and a host of new students played by talented actors such as Olly Rhodes, Sonya Nisa, and Danny Murphy. Returning to the series are familiar faces Adam Thomas and Kym Marsh, alongside a roster of dedicated teaching staff and student actors.

Known for its exploration of real-life issues affecting teens, families, and educators, Waterloo Road continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storytelling and relatable characters. Since its return to screens, the series has maintained its popularity, consistently ranking as one of the top shows on BBC iPlayer for viewers under 35.

With its blend of sharp writing, warmth, and wit, Waterloo Road remains a standout fixture in the BBC's lineup, offering viewers a compelling glimpse into the trials and triumphs of life within a bustling school community.

The next series of Waterloo Road, produced by Rope Ladder Fiction and Wall to Wall North for BBC One and iPlayer, promises to deliver another engaging chapter in the beloved drama's legacy. Fans can look forward to witnessing Jason Manford's debut as headteacher when the series returns later this year.

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