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Thursday 28 March 2024

Celebrity Bridge of Lies: Ross Kemp Brings Star Power to Saturday Nights

Fans of BBC One's hit show "Bridge of Lies" are in for a treat as host Ross Kemp gears up to take the action-packed game to Saturday nights, introducing a star-studded lineup of celebrity contestants vying to conquer the infamous Bridge of Lies and win cash for their chosen charities.

Watch Bridge of Lies at https://apple.co/4cw9YCF

Returning for a second eight-part series, "Celebrity Bridge of Lies" promises to up the ante with beloved actor and presenter Ross Kemp at the helm, guiding teams of celebrities across the interactive bridge on the studio floor. However, the stakes are higher than ever as contestants must navigate between truths and lies, risking elimination and going home empty-handed if they misstep.

Filmed at the BBC's Pacific Quay studios in Glasgow, the new series introduces the exciting 'Hotline' feature, allowing playing contestants to seek advice from their teammates in the Waiting Room if they find themselves stuck. With only a few seconds to strategize, the pressure is on for celebrities to collaborate effectively and make informed decisions.

Ross Kemp expressed his enthusiasm for the celebrity edition, stating, "There's something about the celebrity series that ramps the jeopardy up a gear. Maybe it's the fact that the celebs are doing it for charity… or simply that they have reputations to uphold!" With a mix of humor and competition, Kemp promises a thrilling and entertaining Saturday night experience for viewers.

The premiere episode on Saturday 6 April features an eclectic team comprising sporting legends Dion Dublin and Sam Quek, BBC Radio 1 presenter Melvin Odoom, and sitcom star Joanna Page. Can this diverse group work together cohesively to secure a win?

Subsequent episodes showcase teams of pop icons, BBC Morning Live presenters, and soap stars, each bringing their unique dynamics and personalities to the table. Notable pairings include pop stars Sinitta and Ian 'H' Watkins, as well as soap stars Chris Bisson and Lucy-Jo Hudson.

Family ties add an extra layer of intrigue to the competition, with actor Kelvin Fletcher teaming up with his wife Liz, and presenter Alex Beresford joining forces with his father Noel. With past triumphs and personal connections at play, these duos face both challenges and opportunities as they navigate the Bridge of Lies.

"Celebrity Bridge of Lies" was recommissioned by Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment Commissioning for the BBC, and is produced by STV Studios. With its engaging format and star-studded lineup, the series promises to captivate audiences as they witness their favorite celebrities navigate the twists and turns of the Bridge of Lies.

Tune in to BBC One and iPlayer at 5:40 pm on Saturday 6 April for the premiere of "Celebrity Bridge of Lies," and catch the weekday edition of "Bridge of Lies" at 4:30 pm for more thrilling gameplay and entertainment.

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