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Monday 8 April 2024

'Bad Tidings': A Sky Original Christmas Comedy Bringing Festive Cheer

Chris McCausland and Lee Mack

As the holiday season approaches, Sky Originals gears up to deliver another dose of festive fun with its upcoming special, "Bad Tidings". Set to grace screens this Christmas, the mischievous comedy promises a delightful blend of humor, camaraderie, and a touch of mayhem, all wrapped up with the charm of British wit.

At the heart of "Bad Tidings" are two perpetually feuding neighbors, portrayed by the dynamic duo of Chris McCausland and Lee Mack. McCausland, known for his insightful comedy in "The Wonders of the World I Can't See," and Mack, celebrated for his roles in "Doctor Who" and "Brassic," come together to inject the screen with their infectious chemistry.

Penned by the BAFTA-winning duo Laurence Rickard & Martha Howe-Douglas, alongside the talented Chris McCausland, the story unfolds in Stockport, where Neil (Mack) and Scott (McCausland) find themselves entangled in a series of comedic conflicts. Neil, a grumpy home-security expert, clashes with his neighbor Scott, who insists on maintaining his Christmas lights year-round, among other quirks that fuel Neil's annoyance.

The stage is set for uproarious antics when Scott is unexpectedly appointed as the head of the Neighbourhood Watch, much to Neil's skepticism. Their rivalry reaches its peak when Neil inadvertently triggers a power outage on Christmas Eve, leading to a chaotic turn of events. Forced to band together when their street becomes a target for notorious burglars, the duo must set aside their differences and rely on unconventional methods to save the day.

Joining McCausland and Mack are a stellar cast including Rebekah Staton, Sarah Alexander, Ben Crompton, Emily Coates, Josiah Eloi, Millie Kiss, Tupele Dorgu, Sunil Patel, Susan Kyd, and Donna Preston, promising a tapestry of talent to elevate the comedic charm of "Bad Tidings."

Chris McCausland expresses his excitement for the project, remarking on the unexpected journey from concept to creation. With Lee Mack echoing his enthusiasm, it's evident that the cast is geared up to deliver a memorable holiday treat for audiences.

"Bad Tidings" continues Sky Originals' tradition of delivering festive delights to viewers, following in the footsteps of past successes like "The Heist Before Christmas" and "Christmas Carole." With a rich tapestry of British talent and a storyline that promises laughter and heartwarming moments, "Bad Tidings" is poised to become a cherished addition to the holiday viewing lineup.

Directed by Tim Kirkby and produced by Sky Studios, the film ensures that the spirit of Christmas will be alive and kicking, delivering laughter and joy straight into the homes of viewers. As the festive season draws near, prepare to cozy up and indulge in the mischievous charm of "Bad Tidings," a Sky Original that promises to spread merriment and cheer to audiences worldwide.

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