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Friday 12 April 2024

BBC Cymru Wales Unveils Exciting Lineup of New Factual Entertainment Programs

BBC Cymru Wales has unveiled a captivating array of new factual entertainment programs, promising viewers an engaging mix of content that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of contemporary Welsh life. Spearheaded by beloved presenters Wynne Evans and Joanna Page, the lineup includes both brand-new series and the return of popular favorites.

Nick Andrews, BBC Cymru Wales' Head of Commissioning, announced the exciting slate of programming, highlighting the network's commitment to showcasing Welsh talent and stories. From culinary adventures to explorations of Welsh heritage, there's something for everyone in this latest wave of content.

Leading the charge is "Wynne Evans and Joanna Page: Lost at Sea," a thrilling exploration of the Welsh coastline by two charismatic hosts. Evans and Page will embark on a journey filled with sea, food, and music, discovering hidden gems along the way. With Evans showcasing his culinary prowess as the 2023 Celebrity MasterChef winner, viewers can expect a delectable feast for the senses.

Fans of architectural marvels and interior design will rejoice at the return of "Wales' Home of the Year," now in its third series with an additional Christmas Special. Judges Owain Wyn Evans, Mandy Watkins, and Glen Thomas will once again scour the country in search of Wales' most breathtaking homes, adding a festive twist to the competition.

For those fascinated by true crime and intrigue, "Hunting Mr Nice" offers a gripping two-part series delving into the life of Howard Marks, the notorious cannabis smuggler dubbed 'Mr Nice.' With unprecedented access to Marks' inner circle, this documentary promises to unravel the enigma surrounding one of Wales' most infamous figures.

Music enthusiasts are in for a treat with "Kelly Jones with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales," a special performance showcasing the Stereophonics frontman's latest solo project. Joined by members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Jones will unveil intimate renditions of his new songs, offering a unique glimpse into his creative journey.

Meanwhile, "Chris Cooks Cymru" celebrates Welsh cuisine with fire-chef extraordinaire Chris 'Flamebaster' Roberts, as he embarks on a culinary road trip across Wales. From gourmet restaurants to local food trucks, Roberts showcases the best of Welsh gastronomy, accompanied by renowned chefs and vibrant communities.

The lineup also includes returning favorites such as "Our Lives," a documentary series celebrating the diversity of Welsh life, and "Dream Team," an inspirational tale of resilience and community spirit.

From the thrilling exploits of dinosaur hunters to the competitive world of sheep shearing, BBC Cymru Wales promises a diverse range of programming that captivates and inspires audiences. With a focus on Welsh talent and storytelling, these new shows are set to delight viewers both in Wales and across the UK.

Nick Andrews expressed his excitement for the upcoming lineup, affirming BBC Cymru Wales' commitment to delivering quality content that resonates with audiences. With talent-fronted shows making a significant impact, BBC Cymru Wales looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence in entertainment.

Stay tuned as these exciting new programs premiere on iPlayer and BBC Cymru Wales, offering viewers a captivating journey into the heart of Welsh culture and creativity.

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