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Friday 5 April 2024

Danny Robins Takes "Uncanny" Across the Pond: Exploring Supernatural America

Danny Robins

This spring, award-winning writer and broadcaster Danny Robins is embarking on an international journey with "Uncanny," delving into unnerving tales of paranormal experiences from across the United States. Originally a hit series on BBC Radio 4, "Uncanny" has evolved into one of the BBC's most popular podcasts, captivating audiences with its eerie narratives. Now, Robins is set to expand the series' reach with a focus on American encounters, promising a chilling exploration of the supernatural that will captivate listeners on both sides of the Atlantic.

Robins, known for his previous work on Radio 4's global smash hits such as "The Battersea Poltergeist" and "The Witch Farm," as well as his award-winning West End play "2:22 – A Ghost Story," brings his expertise in crafting gripping tales of the paranormal to "Uncanny USA." The series, set to premiere on Radio 4 on Tuesday, April 30th, invites listeners to join Robins on a spine-tingling journey through the heartland of America.

"Uncanny USA" promises to deliver a diverse array of stories, ranging from encounters with poltergeists to tales of communication from beyond the grave. Robins will traverse the country, from the swamps of South Georgia to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, uncovering firsthand experiences and expert analysis along the way. From the voodoo shops of New Orleans to the celebrity enclaves of California, Robins will delve into the strange and mysterious, blending elements of horror, mystery, and the supernatural.

Throughout the series, Robins will explore a myriad of intriguing encounters, including a young man's harrowing brush with poltergeist activity and a woman's belief that her deceased father, a former spy, is communicating with her from the afterlife. Additionally, "Uncanny USA" will delve into the realm of UFO encounters and government cover-ups in the American South, as well as the enduring mystery surrounding Bigfoot.

Reflecting on the evolution of "Uncanny," Robins expressed his excitement for the series' expansion into the United States, noting the global community of listeners who have shared their own paranormal experiences. With each episode, Robins invites listeners to join the Uncanny family, whether they are firm believers in the supernatural or staunch skeptics.

Rhian Roberts, Commissioning Editor for Podcasts, Formats & Digital at BBC Radio 4, anticipates an array of "seriously weird and wonderful encounters" as the Uncanny team embarks on their paranormal American road trip. With a blend of curiosity and intrigue, Roberts and the Uncanny community eagerly await the unveiling of the mysteries that await in the land of the unexplained.

As "Uncanny USA" prepares to make its debut, listeners can anticipate a journey into the unknown, guided by the masterful storytelling of Danny Robins. From the shadows of haunted houses to the depths of the American wilderness, "Uncanny" invites audiences to explore the supernatural with a sense of wonder and fascination, uncovering the mysteries that lie just beyond the realm of comprehension.

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