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Thursday 11 July 2024

BBC One to Launch Groundbreaking K-Pop Series: "Made in Korea: The K-Pop Experience"

Image: BBC Press

By Jon Donnis

This summer, BBC One and iPlayer are set to premiere a world-first entertainment series that delves into the global phenomenon of K-pop. "Made in Korea: The K-Pop Experience" is a unique music experiment that collaborates with K-pop giants SM Entertainment and Kakao Entertainment America. The six-part series will follow five boys from the UK as they undergo the rigorous K-pop training process, with the ultimate goal of launching a new boy band onto the global stage.

For the first time, cameras will go behind the scenes at SM Entertainment to capture the intense training regimen that has produced some of the world's biggest K-pop stars. Filmed in South Korea, the series immerses the boys in K-pop culture, subjecting them to 100 days of grueling choreography, vocal and performance lessons, and life coaching. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Seoul, the series offers a rare glimpse into the demanding world of K-pop training and the cultural immersion that accompanies it.

Each episode will feature critiques from Hee Jun Yoon, a renowned K-pop expert responsible for shaping major acts over the past two decades. The series aims to showcase the extensive efforts and high standards required to succeed in the K-pop industry. Produced by Moon&Back Media, known for their work on "Got Talent" and "The X Factor," "Made in Korea: The K-Pop Experience" promises to deliver a compelling blend of British talent and K-pop excellence. The series represents a significant cultural exchange and a fresh chapter for K-pop, poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

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