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Thursday 11 July 2024

Channel 4 Announces Second Series of Groundbreaking Documentary "To Catch a Copper"

Image: Ch4 Press

By Jon Donnis

Channel 4 has announced a second series of its acclaimed documentary "To Catch a Copper," which provides an unprecedented look into the police scrutiny system. The initial three-part series, which aired to 3.2 million viewers, was praised for its revealing portrayal of police misconduct and the internal processes that hold officers accountable. It sparked significant national debate on issues such as mental health, race, and sexual misconduct within the police force, leading to calls for systemic change from high-profile figures.

Building on the success of the first series, Channel 4 and Story Films are negotiating for two additional series, each consisting of four hour-long episodes. These new series aim to delve even deeper into severe cases of police misconduct, exploring new points of access and highlighting issues such as the abuse of power, corruption, racial discrimination, and excessive use of force. The forthcoming series will broaden the investigation beyond the Avon and Somerset Police, showcasing the challenges of maintaining public trust in British law enforcement.

Produced by Story Films, the series will be executive produced by Bruce Fletcher and Peter Beard, with Hugo Pettitt returning as Series Producer. Peter Beard expressed pride in the first series and excitement for the new ones, while Sacha Mirzoeff, Commissioning Editor, emphasized the documentary's role as classic public service television. The upcoming series is set to continue its impactful storytelling, contributing to ongoing discussions about police reform and integrity in the UK.

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