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Monday, 15 August 2022

Channel 4 just wont let it go, as they commission a 4 part series probing Princess Diana's Death

In order to give the whole tale of the two police investigations into Princess Diana's death, one by the French Brigade Criminelle in 1997 and one by the Metropolitan Police in 2004, Channel 4 has commissioned Sandpaper Films to produce a four-part documentary. Because for some bizarre reason, they think that we need yet more documentaries on the death of Princess Diana.

When Princess Diana died in a vehicle accident in 1997, it startled the entire world and sparked a discussion over how and why she passed away. Investigating Diana: Death in Paris will examine how both investigations struggled to distinguish reality from speculative elements thanks to its exclusive access to the top investigators on both sides of the English Channel, many of whom are speaking for the first time. In the series, we'll see how detectives followed every clue while dodging faulty memories and dubious witnesses. It will also look at how the public's insatiable thirst for information led to unprecedented media coverage and the growth of online chat rooms, where rumours about the "true reason" of Diana's death became one of the first internet phenomena to go global.

Told as a gripping and forensic police procedural, the series will explore how powerful individuals, the press and the internet created and fuelled conspiracy theories that overwhelmed facts and called into question the very nature of truth.

I hope that no one watches this, and TV channels will stop using the death of a Princess just to get ratings.  

Friday, 12 August 2022

Tamzin Outhwaite, Niamh Cusack and Ella Smith join the cast for series 2 of The Tower

Finally some proper news, with actual talented actors! The Tower series 2 is currently filming in an undisclosed part of North West England, and Tamzin Outhwaite (Ridley Road) is joining the cast as Cathy Teel, Niamh Cusack (The Virtues) plays Claire Mills, and Ella Smith (The Nevers) takes the role of DC Elaine Lucas.


The Tower II: Death Message is based on the second book in Kate London's Metropolitan series of novels, and is adapted by screenwriter Patrick Harbinson (Homeland, Fearless, 24, ER) and produced by his company Windhover Films and leading production company, Mammoth Screen.


Patrick Harbinson: "It's a tribute to the quality of Kate's novels and her complex female characters that we have been able to attract these three brilliant actresses to The Tower."


They will join Gemma Whelan who returns to the series to play DS Sarah Collins, Tahirah Sharif, who was recently BAFTA-nominated for her role as PC Lizzie Adama, Jimmy Akingbola as DC Steve Bradshaw, and Emmett J Scanlan as DI Kieran Shaw.  Stuart McQuarrie (28 Days Later) also joins the cast in the role of Sarah's new boss, DCI Jim Fedden.

Made in Chelsea visits Mallorca

Just when you thought it was safe to take your summer holiday again, the Made in Chelsea gang are descending upon a posh area of Mallorca for a summer like never before, and by that I mean exactly the same as their usual summers in a hot, exclusive area that us normies are either not allowed to go or cant afford.


Seriously, just look at them, bunch of talentless privileged wannabes. Never worked a day in their lives.


The Chelsea toffs will have their staff packing their cases and soaking up the sun in two glamourous villas, paid for by Government Owned Channel 4 and funded by the taxpayer, for a spot of Balearic bliss. But as the series promises the usual pre-determined cocktail of love, laughter and drama, the question is will tensions rise when a mysterious ex-girlfriend re-appears, will relationships be put to the ultimate test and will any old wounds be re-opened? Yes, of course they will, because that is exactly how the writers and producers have planned for.


Sunning it up in Mallorca are a bunch of no names, desperate to become celebrities, here they are not that you really care, unless of course your name is on here:

Olivia Bentley, Miles Nazaire, Emily Blackwell, Maeva D'Ascanio, James Taylor, Ollie Locke-Locke, Gareth Locke-Locke, Julius Cowdrey, Digby Edgley, Tristan Phipps, Ruby Adler, Reza Amiri-Garroussi and Sam Prince.


And newcomers

India Hovenden, Isabella (Issy) Francis-Baum, Willow Day and Malek Amro.

Monday, 8 August 2022

BBC Three's Bad Education Series 4 starts filming and new photo released

It's lights, camera, action on the eagerly awaited 4th series of popular comedy Bad Education as filming begins in London. 

Released today is a first-look photo from the new series, showing the new leads - former Class K students, fabulous diva Stephen (Layton Williams), and lovable geezer Mitchell (Charlie Wernham) will return as Drama and PE teachers, to 'educate' a new gaggle of rebellious misfits.

Bad Education's 4th season, due to air in early 2023, is set to return to BBC Three

Series 4 will see Stephen and Mitchell get to grips with their new career and wayward students, all whilst new headteacher and control freak Ms Hoburn (Vicki Pepperdine) looms large. Meanwhile, recently departed head Mr Fraser (Mathew Horne) and his questionable 'bants' continues to hang around the school kitchen, as HR struggle to fire him. We welcome new classmates to the school; glamorous gossip Usma (Asha Hassan), wannabe roadman Inchez (Anthony J Abraham), himbo Harrison (Bobby Johnson), clueless slacktivist Jinx (Laura Marcus), eccentric Warren (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) and energetic hustler, Blessing (Francesca Amewudah-Rivers).

In addition to the new series, a one-off Christmas special will also air this year, which sees the familiar faces of Abbey Grove return for a careers day, led by hopeless teacher Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall). This will mark the end of Alfie's teaching career at Abbey Grove as audiences bid farewell to him.

Rescue: Extreme Medics - Second series coming to Ch4

Rescue: Extreme Medics tells the gripping stories of those unfortunate enough to need extreme, life-saving medical care when they're struck low in Scotland's wild and inhospitable landscapes.  

And it follows the extraordinary work of the clinicians, expert call handlers and specialist life savers who respond to these emergencies and make critical decisions in less than perfect conditions.

With multiple access-points across Scotland, this series will show the minute-by-minute decisions that are made as medics and paramedics battle to save lives, revealing the unique challenges they face on a daily basis.  Where possible the series will follow from the initial 999 call through to the moment the patient leaves the hospital to return to their life at home.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

Big Brother is returning to ITV2 and ITVX in 2023

For up to six weeks, a brand-new group of carefully chosen housemates from all walks of life will live in the most renowned reality TV house in the world. Cameras will be trained on them at all times, and the country will be watching their every action.

The classic Big Brother home, which will receive a fresh new look in preparation for this reworking of the program, will serve as the setting for all of the action. With the public once again playing a major role, voting throughout the series and ultimately deciding the winner, who will walk away with a life-changing financial prize, clever tasks, suspenseful nominations, and live evictions will return.

Paul Mortimer, Director of Reality Commissioning & Acquisitions and Controller, ITV2, ITVBe and CITV said:

"This refreshed, contemporary new series of Big Brother will contain all the familiar format points that kept viewers engaged and entertained the first time round, but with a brand new look and some additional twists that speak to today's audience. We're beyond excited to bring this iconic series to ITV2 and ITVX where it should especially engage with our younger viewers."

Interview with Douglas Henshall on Shetland Series Seven

The seventh series will be Henshall's last outing as DI Perez after nearly a decade in the iconic role. Perez's thrilling final investigation draws him into the secret past of a family new to Shetland, revealing an unimaginable threat to the community.

The last series ended on a cliff-hanger with Perez being read his rights and Duncan handing himself into the police - how does Perez feel about all this?

It just all felt a little like he'd be stitched up to be fair. It's sullied his view of what he does. I think he's getting to that point of his career where he's beginning to doubt whether he has a future doing what he does. Perez is becoming a bit disenchanted with his life the way it is - those little doubts have started to creep in and he's questioning whether he's doing the right thing or not. There are lots of things niggling him.

Case aside, Perez has also met Meg [played by Lucianne McEvoy] and it's in the very early stages of their will-they-won't-they? relationship, his dad's dead and Duncan is in prison - he's a lot going on, as ever.

What case will Perez and his team be investigating this time around?

It seems as though it's a missing person, but then it becomes murkier and murkier as it goes along. I really love that there's no dead body at the start of this new series, and the suspense of that is great.

This series also sees guest stars including Shauna MacDonald, Laurie Brett and Patrick Robinson - what is it like having guests on the show?

One of the great good fortunes of Shetland is we've had so many great guests to come in over the years, and Shauna, Laurie and Patrick have done an amazing job in this new series. They join the list of great actors we've been lucky enough to have in the show over the years including Archie Panjabi, Ciaran Hinds and many, many more.

I don't think there's a lot of shows like ours. It isn't big and shouty, it's subtle and quite nuanced. We've explored lots of things that TV shows don't and I think all of those things are partly what kept our audience loyal to us. It's wonderful.

Perez is often unlucky in love - is happiness on the horizon with nurse Meg?

You never know, but as with anything to do with Perez and the opposite sex, it's never straightforward. Meg's got his head like a washing machine. I think once you get to a certain age there're a lot more questions that you have to ask of yourself, of a significant other. I think the conversations you have are a lot different because there's baggage there. But as long as there's hope, there's a way forward.

It's a big moment for Shetland as you bid farewell to DI Perez, why did you decide to leave now?

I decided to leave a few years ago because I felt that his story was coming to a natural end - it was time to find a resolution to Perez's private life. I never wanted to ruin the things that were unique to him and our series, so it felt like the right time to wrap up his story in a way that would be satisfactory to everybody.

I am aware we're not changing the world in any way, shape or form, but as far as crime shows go, Shetland does really well in that genre. We tell stories that are very good, the characters are great and I wanted to go out on a high.

You've played Perez for nearly a decade now, will you be sad to say goodbye to him?

Yes, I am, actually. But I think it was always going to be sad. It will be nice to play somebody who isn't so irredeemably good as Perez! I'll miss him as a person I crawl into every now and again because I liked him, he's a nice man. I enjoyed playing Perez and exploring the complications of his life. Flawed humans are always the most interesting to play because I feel they are the most truthful.

I'd love to play a baddie again, that would be fun - I used to get asked to be the baddie lots in the past. I don't know what the future holds, I mean, I don't fancy playing a policeman for a while!

Was it hard to keep your exit a secret, and how did you feel filming your last scenes?

The last thing I would want to do was give it away but it feels a bit real and weird now. Once this series is over on TV, it's over [for Douglas Henshall] - I don't think it will feel real until that moment, for me.

My last scenes were filmed in a car park in Kilmacolm, which was very odd. We'd tried to wrap three times, but because of Covid it kept being put back, so it felt a little anticlimactic in the end. I did say a few words of thanks to everyone who was there but it's impossible to encapsulate tem years of work. Shetland has meant a lot to me and it's going to take some time to sink in that I've left the show.

Will Perez always hold a special place for you?

Oh yes, absolutely! He's one of my favourite characters and it's been a real privilege to play him. We got very lucky with lots of things - I even got to dress him for a while, including choosing the pea coat which is now famous. I chose not to keep the coat, though - I kind of figure I can never wear a pea coat again!

I did take a couple of key items from the set including the incident board from the police station. I got it for my daughter. After all the gruesome things that have been up on that board over the years, I thought it was a bit of karma to have a little child drawing pictures of flowers and houses on it. I also took a painting from Jimmy's house which is by a Shetland artist and I'll be hanging it somewhere special in our home.

What makes the Shetland Isles so special?

After going there for nearly ten years, I'm still discovering places to go and see. There are so many nooks and crannies that are absolutely beautiful and the wildflowers in the summer are truly stunning. I loved the pace of the place. I really loved the sea, I loved how stark it could be, I loved the weather in all its glory. I loved the drama of the Shetland Isles. I also met some really nice people there who were fabulous, kind, generous and funny. There aren't many places like Shetland - it's very much of itself. It's unique and I'll miss that.

I think that people were slightly suspicious of us at the beginning, in terms of who we were and what we were going to do, but as time has gone on they have seen we're a force for good, they've really taken to us. They have been incredibly helpful and we couldn't make the show without their help.

Do you have any plans to return?

Absolutely, yes. What I'm looking forward to doing is going back and hopefully staying in the lighthouse at Sumburgh because it's fantastic. It looks right into the ocean and if the wind picks up and a storm comes in, it's the best place in the world to be. I want to take my daughter, show her the beaches and get her into the sea. Just to go and hang out and get to be a tourist would be nice.

And any final words?

My final series has a really great story at its heart and it's very much the Shetland the audience know and love. I hope people have enjoyed watching Perez over the years as much as I've enjoyed playing him. I'm going to miss Jimmy Perez.