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Saturday 27 April 2024

Celebrating British Sign Language Day: BBC Children’s Channels Go Fully Accessible

In a groundbreaking move, BBC Children's and Education is set to mark British Sign Language Day on Sunday, April 28th, by ensuring all its beloved family programs across CBBC and CBeebies are signed in BSL.

This initiative, known as the British Sign Language (BSL) takeover, aims to celebrate BSL as an indigenous language of Great Britain, now officially recognized, and set to become a GCSE subject in 2025. By ensuring full accessibility to content, BBC Children's is not only entertaining but also educating young audiences about the importance of BSL.

Among the highlights of the day is a brand new documentary titled My Life: Can BSL Change the World?, airing on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. The documentary follows the journey of BSL campaigner Daniel as he embarks on a mission to promote sign language worldwide. Accompanied by his hearing dog Varley, Daniel visits a school in Bristol, with contributions from prominent deaf influencers Jazzy and Benny. His aim? To demonstrate to Year 6 students the transformative power of BSL.

But that's not all. Young viewers can also enjoy signed episodes of their favorite shows, including Bluey, Hey Duggee, Supertato, Bing, Octonauts, Yukee, Horrible Histories, The Next Step, Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese, and Deadly Mission Shark. And for a special treat, Bake Off star Tasha Stones will make a guest appearance on Blue Peter. Throughout the day, BSL interpretation will be seamlessly integrated into the programming, with interpreters joining the hosts in the CBeebies House and CBBC HQ studios.

Newsround, BBC Children's trusted news source, will deliver its morning bulletins with live interpretation in the studio, ensuring that all viewers, regardless of hearing ability, can stay informed. Moreover, Newsround's website features BSL interpretation overlayed on its news content daily, making it accessible to everyone.

CBeebies, known for its inclusive programming, offers several shows catered to children with varying needs. Magic Hands, a sign language poetry series, and Something Special, hosted by CBeebies' beloved Justin Fletcher using Makaton, are just a couple of examples. Additionally, Musical Storyland, a series that brings fairytales to life with music from the BBC Philharmonic, will feature a special BSL episode of The Enormous Turnip.

The commitment to accessibility extends beyond British Sign Language Day. All signed content will be available on BBC iPlayer for audiences to enjoy long after the event has passed.

This initiative not only entertains but also advocates for inclusivity, ensuring that all children have equal access to quality programming. By celebrating BSL in this manner, BBC Children's and Education sets a precedent for other broadcasters to follow, paving the way for a more inclusive media landscape for years to come.

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