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Tuesday 30 April 2024

Interview with Romario Simpson (DC Davis Lindo) - Granite Harbour

Lindo (Romario Simpson) (Image: BBC Scotland/LA Productions/Robert Pereia Hind)

Get ready for the gripping return of Granite Harbour as the Major Investigations Team, led by Lindo (Romario Simpson) and Bart (Hannah Donaldson), delves deep into Aberdeen's criminal underworld. In this three-part series, the team faces two fatal cases with sinister undertones, including the death of a notorious drug kingpin's fixer, leading to a race against time to prevent a potential drugs turf war.

Watch Series 1 on Apple TV at https://apple.co/3UhpoCI

Simultaneously, Lindo investigates the case of a pregnant stowaway, Mariam (Afsaneh Dehrouyeh), who claims her partner was murdered during their journey across the sea. As tensions rise within the team and Lindo faces personal challenges with the arrival of his estranged father, Grantley, from Jamaica, the investigations take unexpected turns, promising an electrifying second series. Don't miss Granite Harbour, premiering on the BBC Scotland channel, followed by BBC One and iPlayer, with all three episodes available on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 2 May.

How does it feel to be back for a second series of Granite Harbour?

It feels great to be back and reunited with fellow cast members. We know each other a bit more now, we understand our characters more and we have more chemistry on screen. We all get on off screen and socialise loads and have a bond together which is wonderful.

Why do you think Granite Harbour proved to be a fan favourite?

I think it’s because it's family friendly and caters to a wide audience group. Not everyone wants to see bloodshed and extreme violence all the time.

What is the storyline this time around?

The story follows a young refugee woman who ends up intertwined into a huge drug operation after her husband disappears from the ship they snuck on to. The team investigate this new drug sweeping the city while trying to figure out what happened onboard the Stolthet ship. 

Can you describe your character?

DC Davis Lindo is a year into his trainee detective programme. He is trying to transfer his skills as an RMP soldier into a detective role, but isn't the most obedient when it comes to police procedures. He joins the team as a mentee to DS Lara Bartlett [Hanah Donaldson] who takes Davis under her wing and teaches him the trade.

What do you think are his strengths and weaknesses?

His strengths – he’s analytical, practical and has the ability to work under pressure. And his weaknesses – his lack of obedience, he’s impulsive and has empathy.

What challenges does he face this series?

The relationship with his father Grantley [played by Patrick Robinson]. This causes Lindo friction while he’s at work, there’s so many unanswered questions that Lindo has and he did not expect his dad to come to Aberdeen. Grantley has just turned up, out-of-the-blue, without warning and has intruded into his personal and professional life. Lindo’s struggling to reconcile while being on a murder case.

It was amazing working with Patrick – he’s bubbly and has a big personality. Funnily enough, he looks a bit like my dad so I can absolutely visualise him as my dad!

What is it like filming in Aberdeen?

It’s a really unique place - filming in Aberdeen is refreshing with its stunning and dramatic landscapes. We were down at the harbourside which not everyone gets to see, filming right next to the North Sea which was surreal – the waves were crashing so we got some lovely shots of that.

It was nice to return to Aberdeen and know that people want to see more of Granite Harbour and see it develop. The Aberdonians seemed excited to see the drama filming back. We were at lunch in a local pub one day and, as soon as we stepped in, they were like “Ahhh! Are you guys filming Granite Harbour again?” – it was nice to receive a warm welcome from the people of Aberdeen.

How important is the city to the series storytelling?

The city is referenced throughout the series with stunning shots as well as the harbour ports being central to the influx of something new and dangerous plaguing Aberdeen. We have honoured the city more in this season, I’m sure the audience will be able to recognise and appreciate more of Aberdeen this time around. There are lots of landscapes, more local spots for the audience to enjoy.

Describe in five words what viewers can expect from Series 2 of Granite Harbour…

Stunning, Characters, Danger, Stylish, Risky.

Time for some police interrogation now…

Tell us a secret about one of the core cast? 

Hmmm, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you?!

Which one of you is the DCI of the group and the most bossy? 

Dawn. She’s quite outspoken and not afraid to express how she feels – which is great. She’s so experienced in the field of acting, I learn from Dawn.

And who is the most by-the-book of the group and why? 

The lovely Michelle is the most by the book due to newly being an actor.

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