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Thursday 27 June 2024

ITV Announces New Six-Part Thriller "Cold Water" Starring Andrew Lincoln

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By Jon Donnis

ITV has commissioned an exciting new six-part thriller titled "Cold Water," marking the return of award-winning actor Andrew Lincoln to British television. This highly anticipated series, written by acclaimed playwright David Ireland, is set in the fictional Scottish village of Coldwater and boasts a stellar cast including Ewen Bremner, Indira Varma, and Eve Myles.

Plot Overview

"Cold Water" follows John, played by Andrew Lincoln (known for "The Walking Dead" and "Teachers"), a repressed stay-at-home dad who faces a profound identity crisis after failing to intervene in a violent playground confrontation. Seeking a fresh start, John relocates his family from bustling London to the tranquil, rural village of Coldwater.

In Coldwater, John quickly befriends his next-door neighbor, Tommy, portrayed by Ewen Bremner ("Our Flag Means Death," "Trainspotting"). Tommy is a charismatic, confident man who is not only the devoted husband of the local vicar, Rebecca (Eve Myles), but also the self-appointed leader of the village's all-male book group. John is both impressed and fascinated by Tommy, though his wife Fiona (Indira Varma) harbors deep suspicions about their new neighbor. Fiona, a successful former chef, sees the move as an opportunity to rebuild their lives and rekindle their marriage. However, as John's relationship with Tommy intensifies, Fiona becomes increasingly wary of Tommy's true nature.

Unbeknownst to John, Tommy is hiding dark and horrifying secrets. A series of unsettling incidents begin to unveil Tommy's true character, forcing John to confront the reality of who his neighbor really is. As John's long-suppressed rage surfaces with disastrous consequences, he finds himself unexpectedly indebted to Tommy, leading him down a path of moral complexity and danger.

Creative Team and Production

"Cold Water" is written, created, and executive produced by David Ireland, whose previous works include "The Lovers," "Ulster American," and "Cyprus Avenue." The series is produced by SISTER, known for acclaimed productions like "Eric," "This Is Going to Hurt," and "Chernobyl." The first three episodes will be directed by Lee Haven Jones, noted for his work on "Passenger," "Ruth," and "Doctor Who."

Cast and Crew

Andrew Lincoln as John
Ewen Bremner as Tommy
Indira Varma as Fiona
Eve Myles as Rebecca
The series will also feature executive producers Chris Fry, Alice Tyler, Lydia Hampson, and Jane Featherstone from SISTER, alongside David Ireland and Andrew Lincoln. Brian Coffey is set to produce.

Comments from the Team

David Ireland shared his excitement about the project: "Cold Water started with a question I was asking myself. Where do I want to live – the countryside or the city? Such an innocent beginning, but from it came this dark, funny, twisted thriller. I was delighted when SISTER loved the script and thrilled when ITV decided to commission it. And I'm amazed we've managed to attract such a peerless cast, led by the formidable Andrew Lincoln. I hope viewers will find it intoxicating."

Polly Hill, ITV's Head of Drama, added: "We are very excited for ITV to be the home for this brilliant new thriller exploring masculinity, religion, and ultimately murder. David's scripts are wonderful and original and have attracted an incredible cast led by Andrew Lincoln. It promises to be a really unmissable drama and I am delighted to be working with Jane Featherstone again and her brilliant team at SISTER."

Chris Fry, Managing Director and Executive Producer at SISTER, remarked: "The rural idyll of Coldwater is at first glance a place where nothing bad could ever happen, but you know with David's bold, subversive writing darkness is always lurking just beneath the surface. David is a master of crafting morally complex characters that you feel utterly compelled to watch, and we can't put these scripts down. Led by the incredible Andrew Lincoln, Ewen Bremner, Indira Varma, and Eve Myles, 'Cold Water' is a thriller that will surprise, horrify, and delight in equal measure."

"Cold Water" is poised to be an unmissable drama, blending suspense, dark humor, and gripping storytelling. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling new series set to captivate audiences on ITV1 and ITVX.

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