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Saturday 6 April 2024

Harry Judd to Host BBC Sounds' Marathon Mix: A Musical Journey for Runners


Renowned musician and fitness advocate, Harry Judd, is set to lead BBC Sounds' latest musical venture, Pace Setter: Marathon Mix. The immersive experience, spanning 4.5 hours, is tailored for runners, offering a curated selection of specialist running music interspersed with motivational tips, all guided by Harry himself. As a participant in the upcoming London Marathon, Judd aims to provide fellow runners with a dynamic soundtrack to accompany their marathon journey, from training sessions to crossing the finish line.

Beyond the marathon, Judd will continue to engage with listeners as he transitions to hosting a regular show on BBC Sounds titled Pace Setter: Run with Harry. In this ongoing series, he will curate music mixes designed to energize workouts while offering motivation and guidance to listeners pursuing their fitness goals.

Harry Judd's passion for fitness, particularly running, has been a longstanding facet of his lifestyle. Following his notable success with the band McFly, Judd found solace and equilibrium through physical activity. In 2017, he published his debut fitness book, "Get Fit Get Happy," which emphasized the mood-enhancing effects of exercise. Having conquered the London Marathon thrice before—in 2008, 2013 (where he ran the marathon and performed with McFly the following night), and achieving a personal best time of 3 hours and 14 minutes in 2022—Judd's journey as both a musician and fitness enthusiast underscores his dedication to holistic well-being.

Expressing his excitement for the new venture, Harry Judd remarked, "I know all too well the importance of a great soundtrack when working out, and I have always liked to listen to motivating music whilst I train. I know music goes hand in hand with training for so many others too, and I hope this 'Marathon Mix' will help motivate and encourage people to get to the finish line!"

Pace Setter: Marathon Mix is currently available on BBC Sounds, offering runners a musical companion to their training sessions. Additionally, Pace Setter: Run with Harry is slated to launch later in May, promising a dynamic blend of music and motivation to inspire listeners on their fitness journeys.

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