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Tuesday 28 May 2024

Callie Cooke Joins the Whoniverse: A Deep Dive into Lindy Pepper-Bean, Planet Finetime, and the "Thrilling, Fun, Ominous" Dot and Bubble

(Image: BBC Studios/Bad Wolf/James Pardon)

By Jon Donnis

Callie Cooke is ecstatic to join the iconic Doctor Who universe, fulfilling a long-standing dream to be part of the beloved series. She describes her experience on the show as overwhelmingly positive, especially given the unique nature of her episode, which she hopes will leave a significant impact on fans.

A Lifelong Dream Realized
Cooke has harbored ambitions of joining Doctor Who for over a decade, openly expressing her desire to be part of the Whoniverse. Her admiration for the series extends to her favorite Doctors, Matt Smith and David Tennant, both of whom she regards highly for their acting prowess. When it comes to monsters, Cooke finds the Bogeyman from the "Space Babies" episode particularly terrifying, setting it apart as one of her most memorable adversaries in the series.

The Doctor Who Difference
What sets Doctor Who apart from other projects for Cooke is the sheer fun and freedom it offers. She relishes the opportunity to go "as big as you like" in her performance, supported by a dedicated crew and the enthusiastic fanbase. This season, in particular, stands out for its blend of heart, drama, and charm, ensuring it ticks every box for both cast and viewers.

Introducing Lindy Pepper-Bean
Cooke's character, Lindy Pepper-Bean, is a futuristic influencer hailing from the planet Finetime, a utopia where affluent parents send their children to lead carefree lives. Lindy is a fascinating mix of privilege, shelter, and petulance, making her both complex and occasionally annoying. Cooke found this combination exciting to portray, especially as Lindy's concern for her friends is often overshadowed by her preoccupation with her appearance and social standing.

Special Effects and Stunts
The action-packed nature of Doctor Who allowed Cooke to engage in various stunts, an aspect she thoroughly enjoyed. She praises the stunt team for their expertise and mentions her daily interactions with special effects, which are integral to the show's immersive experience.

The Tone of Dot and Bubble
The episode "Dot and Bubble" starts with a deceptively shiny and silly tone, presenting a seemingly harmless facade. However, a darker undercurrent soon emerges, a hallmark of Russell T Davies' masterful writing. Cooke highlights Ncuti Gatwa's exceptional performance, hinting at the impressive acting that fans can expect to see.

A Colorful Costume
Pam Downe, the costume designer, crafted a vibrant pastel palette for Finetime, with Lindy often seen in purples and pinks. Her signature look includes a feathery cuff blazer, a cute skirt, and pumps, reflecting her character's style and the practical needs of the show's adventurous plots. Cooke appreciated the collaborative approach to her costume design, ensuring it was both stylish and functional for the demands of Doctor Who.

Three Words for Dot and Bubble
Summing up "Dot and Bubble" in three words, Cooke describes it as "thrilling, fun, ominous," promising an episode that will captivate and intrigue fans of the series.

As Cooke steps into the Whoniverse, she brings with her a fresh and dynamic character, poised to make a memorable impression on Doctor Who's rich tapestry of stories.

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