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Thursday 27 June 2024

Channel 4 Unveils New Series "Secrets of the Supermarket Buyers" with Denise Van Outen

Image: Channel 4 Press

By Jon Donnis

In an exciting new series for Channel 4, Denise Van Outen is set to uncover the hidden world of supermarket buyers, revealing how a select group of individuals influence the purchasing choices of tens of millions of British shoppers every day. Titled "Secrets of the Supermarket Buyers," this series promises to provide viewers with unprecedented access to the decision-making processes that determine what ends up on supermarket shelves across the UK.

In "Secrets of the Supermarket Buyers," Denise will engage with both current and former buyers from Britain's largest supermarket chains. She will delve into their decision-making strategies, uncovering the tactics they use to bring popular items into stores and into shoppers' trolleys. The series will explore a range of topics, from how buyers predict consumer demand and identify emerging trends, to the differences in approaches between discount chains and premium grocers.

Produced by Glasgow-based Firecrest Films, the 4 x 60-minute series continues the successful collaboration between Denise Van Outen and the production company. Their previous projects, "Secrets of the Middle Aisle" (2022) and "Secrets of the Supermarket Own-Brands" (2023), attracted consolidated audiences of 1.4 million and 1.6 million viewers respectively, demonstrating a strong viewer interest in behind-the-scenes retail insights.

Denise Van Outen shared her enthusiasm for the new series, stating: "These shows have changed how I do my shopping and I've loved being able to spill the secrets with my friends and family too. I'm excited to get the inside scoop on who decides what we see on our supermarkets shelves and peek behind the scenes to uncover even more surprises."

Commissioned from Channel 4's Glasgow Hub by Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor for Lifestyle, and Jo Street, Head of Lifestyle, the series promises to be both informative and engaging. Executive Producer Nicole Kleeman of Firecrest Films emphasized the unique perspective the series offers: "We couldn't pass the opportunity to extend our relationship with Denise Van Outen and Channel 4 for this new series that will grant extraordinary access to the inner workings of some of the UK's biggest brands. Denise is an excellent and inquisitive presenter who goes out of her way to ask the questions viewers at home want to know more about."

Deborah Dunnett from Channel 4 added: "What I love about 'Middle Aisle', 'Own Brands' and now this new series is that they are guilt-free. We're not trying to preach about spending habits, just deliver solid insider-intel to help shoppers make savvy decisions. Denise really brings this kind of consumer show to life, and I'm thrilled she's back with Firecrest for more unparalleled access and unabashed nosiness."

"Secrets of the Supermarket Buyers" is set to premiere later this year on Channel 4. Shoppers and viewers alike can look forward to an enlightening peek into the factors that shape their everyday shopping experiences.

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