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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Celebrating Yorkshire's Coastal Communities: A True North Production

In a celebration of Yorkshire's vibrant coastal communities, Channel 4 has commissioned True North, a Yorkshire-based production company, to bring to life the stories of everyday heroes and the breathtaking landscapes of England's largest county. "Yorkshire By The Sea" is a four-part series that delves into the lives of those who live and work along the spectacular Yorkshire coastline.

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Stretching over 100 miles, the Yorkshire shoreline is not only a popular tourist destination but also home to hardworking individuals whose lives are deeply intertwined with the sea. From the seaside resorts of Saltburn and Scarborough in the north to the captivating sands of Spurn Point in the south, each episode of "Yorkshire By The Sea" will showcase the resilience and determination of locals striving to make a living in this unique environment.

While the allure of beaches may draw visitors, life along the coast is not without its challenges. The series highlights the daily struggles faced by residents living alongside an eroding coastline and explores how communities are adapting to combat the effects of climate change. From innovative solutions to traditional industries, viewers will witness the resilience of Yorkshire's coastal dwellers as they navigate the changing landscape.

Jasper Hone, commenting on the series, expressed excitement about showcasing Yorkshire's coastline while shedding light on the impact of the climate crisis. "This beautiful series will showcase the breathtaking landscape of the Yorkshire coastline, but also show how communities are facing - and tackling - the impact of the climate crisis in their daily lives," said Hone.

Executive Producer Christian Hills emphasized the authenticity of the series, stating, "We're clearly biased, but this series combines the most glorious coastal landscape with the warmth and wit of genuine Yorkshire characters, telling their fascinating stories in their own words."

Commissioned by Jasper Hone in collaboration with Channel 4's Head of Lifestyle & Glasgow Hub, Jo Street, "Yorkshire By The Sea" promises to offer viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who call the Yorkshire coast home. Executive Producer Christian Hills, along with Series Producer Andrew Painten and Series Director Ben Sheldon, spearheads the production, ensuring that the essence of Yorkshire's coastal communities is captured authentically.

"Yorkshire By The Sea" (4x60') is set to captivate audiences both locally and internationally, with distribution handled by Passion. As the series unfolds, viewers will be immersed in the rich tapestry of Yorkshire's coastal life, where resilience, community, and the majestic beauty of the sea converge to create a truly unforgettable experience.

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