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Monday 8 April 2013

TV: Security Men - New British Comedy On ITV

Award winning comedy and writer Caroline Ahern unveils a stellar cast for this one off comedy coming soon to ITV.

From the writing team behind the successful The Fattest Man In Britain, (Caroline Ahern and Jeff Pope, The Security Men) tells the story of four hapless security guards whose normally mundane routine is thrown into chaos when a robbery threatens to expose their idleness, with hilarious results.

Brendan O'Carroll (Mrs Brown's Boys), Bobby Ball (The Fattest Man In Britain), Peter Wight (Titanic) and Dean Andrews (Life On Mars, Ashes to Ashes) star as the four guards who set about creating an elaborate scheme in a bid to hold onto their posts.

The hapless security guards, plans to skive off and watch the boxing on the big screen go horribly wrong. With Kenneth (Peter Wight) on his break the lads seize the opportunity to switch the alarms off and enter an electrical store to watch the ‘Big Fight’ in HD with surround sound.

Caught red-handed, Jimmy (Brendan O’Carroll), Duckers (Bobby Ball) and Ray (Dean Andrews) persuade a reluctant Kenneth to let them watch the fight until the end. Their high energy and laughs soon become despair when they turn the alarms back on and discover, to their horror, a jewellers in the centre has been broken into.

Joining the cast is comedian and presenter Paddy McGuinness (Phoenix Nights, Take Me Out) as the policeman investigating the local crime.

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