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Saturday, 16 November 2013

TV: Headshots & Handcuffs - Season 1 Teaser

Two Cops, One Dream, Zero Chance!
Headshots and Handcuffs
Is about 2 aspiring actors who are cops by day. After accidentally gaining internet fame they are promoted to the rank of Detective. It is then they decide to chronicle their daily lives and struggle to break into an acting career. The story follows Detective Johnny Flynt a tough talking Boston native with an obsession with 80’s action movies and his quest to play the “Alpha Male” in an action movie. His partner is Detective Dakota Steele a California pretty boy who desperately wants to become a serious actor and thinks he can be the next leading man in Hollywood. He does his best work when playing straight man to Flynt’s crazy aggressive persona. The detectives meet a series of diverse characters on their journey including a drug addicted celebrity, a Sci-Fi loving leading lady and the diabolical teenage son of a director.

They are joined by  “Homeless Mike”, who under the pretense of community service, is forced to film the bumbling detectives. In the end we see if these two idiots have what it takes to make it in a town where bumbling jerk-offs are kings.

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