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Tuesday 16 June 2020

Married at First Sight Australia comes to E4 for the first time and its better and bigger than ever!

The 4th series of Australia’s most controversial ground breaking social experiment is coming to E4 later this month and it’s the most explosive yet. In a five week event, E4 is bringing you Married at First Sight Australia as you’ve never seen it before.

In this reformatted 4th series, the ante is upped as the experiment goes super-sized, extending to include 10 couples, including the marriage of the first ever middle-aged couple. And for the first time, this series will see all the couples living under the same roof as relationships are tested like never before.

20 singles will marry a stranger who they will meet for the first time at the wedding ceremony. The couples will be brought together by expert matchmakers - relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford, and dating expert and psychologist Mel Schilling.

This unique experiment is designed to determine if science can predict true love in couples who will get married at first sight. The experts will undertake the mammoth task of pairing 20 brave singles to create their perfect match as 10 brides and 10 grooms undergo the most intense experiment yet attempted. Their relationships will be put to the test as we see the couples marry, go on honeymoon, live together, meet the in-laws and decide if they will stay married or go their separate ways.

The experts will match all the couples on the basis of extensive psychological and neurological testing and profiling.

10 brides, 10 grooms, 10 weddings. Who will find true love? Married at First Sight Australia will air for 25 episodes on E4 in June.


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