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Saturday 8 August 2020

Channel 4 Commissions New Observational Documentary Swingers

Channel 4 is set to unlock the doors of the country’s hidden swinging scene via access to one of Britain’s most popular swingers’ clubs, in a brand new 1x60’ observational documentary that aims to shed light on a lifestyle that is often sensationalised.

There are now a reported 1.5 million people on the British swinging scene and with the rise of the internet meaning it’s no longer just about leaving your “keys in a bowl” and many major towns and cities in the UK boasting a swingers club this intimate one-off takes an honest and no-holds-barred look at those whose behaviour may have been previously been deemed far more taboo.

Via candid interviews with both the club’s founder and staff and the clientele who are members on the circuit, Swingers is granted unique access to a very special Valentine’s Day party at Liberty Elite.  A club which was founded in 1999 as the upmarket venue for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle. It now has over 12,000 members and up to 200 guests a night’ at the clubs various weekly themed events for attendees of all demographics.

Filmed before the outbreak of Covid-19, Swingers explores the world of the everyday people who choose to do something different in their free time. Meeting committed couples who claim swinging is the cherry on top of their already great relationship and single men and women who believe swinging is a safe and respectful way to satisfy their sexual desires without commitment; the single women being known as ‘unicorns’ for their rarity on the circuit.

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