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Saturday 27 August 2022

Alhan Gençay to Find Out if ‘It’s Alright To Be White’ in new Channel 4 digital series

Presenter and entrepreneur Alhan Gençay immerses himself in cultures that are completely different from his own culture, race, and background in an effort to learn the peculiar ways of certain very British pastimes. He interacts with some of what he perceives to be the "whitest tribes" in Britain in order to celebrate, probe, and attempt to comprehend their traditions. Gençay uses his warm, witty humor and anarchic flair in It's Alright to Be White, a new Channel 4 digital series, as he interacts with native people all throughout this beautiful and green country. He beguiles, confounds, and eventually teases out new truths and a fresh, thoughtful perspective on accepted ideas and ways of being.

It's Alright to be White coming soon to Channel digital platforms.

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