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Wednesday 31 August 2022


Master detective Evert Bäckström (Kjell Bergqvist, A Summer Tale) is back for series two of this gripping Swedish crime drama.  He's in peak form and still making tabloid headlines with his ability to solve murders quickly and efficiently – and arrogantly. But when his rival, celebrity lawyer Tomas Eriksson, is murdered, it proves difficult not to let emotions interfere in the investigation. The evidence points in multiple directions, and before long, more dead bodies are found. The motive connecting the murders seems to be an old music box from Russia, depicting the storybook character Pinocchio, worth 300 million kronor.

Bäckström himself wants to solve the crime and claim Pinocchio for himself and lies abound so it doesn't take long before he's hiding things from his colleagues in the police department.

Starts Monday, 19th September 2022

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