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Friday 11 February 2022

First look trailer for new action thriller The Lazarus Project

The Lazarus Project (8X60') a riveting and gripping 8-part action thriller from acclaimed writer Joe Barton (Giri/Haji). The Lazarus Project is a timely and affecting exploration of the desire to take charge of your own fate.

Starring Anjli Mohindra (Vigil, Bodyguard), Tom Burke (Strike, War and Peace, Mank), Caroline Quentin (Dickensian, Bridgerton), Rudi Dharmalingam (Wakefield, The Split) and Charly Clive (Pure) also star.

George (Essiedu) feels he's lost his mind when he wakes up one day and finds himself reliving a day from months earlier. All of his recent accomplishments, including his professional success and his marriage to the love of his life, Sarah, have been undone (Clive). Worst of all, he appears to be the only one who is aware of what has occurred.

That is, until he meets Archie (Mohindra), who recruits George for the Lazarus Project, a covert organisation that has harnessed the capacity to turn back time whenever the planet is in peril. Those who work at Lazarus, like George, are among the few people on the planet who can remember the events that are undone as time travels backwards. George attempts to prevent global catastrophe alongside comrades Archie, standoffish Shiv (Dharmalingam), and their steely leader Wes (Quentin), including tracking down the formidable Rebrov (Burke), a wanted criminal intent on detonating a nuclear bomb and destroying the planet.

Then someone close to George is injured in a bizarre accident. Unless there is a threat of world extinction, Lazarus will not allow him turn back time to undo it. Now George must decide whether to remain loyal or go rogue, as he must answer the question: if you had the power to change your past, what would you sacrifice to do so...?

The Lazarus Project is a gripping television series that speaks directly to our uncertain times and our need to control what we can't manage. It's a heartfelt tale of love and fate set within a gripping, fast-paced action thriller that will keep audiences on the tip of their seats, all with Joe Barton's characteristic dark humour.

The Lazarus Project will air on Sky Max and NOW in April 2022.

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