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Friday 15 March 2024

Clive Myrie Embarks on a Personal Journey Through the Caribbean in New BBC Two Series

Award-winning journalist Clive Myrie is set to grace BBC Two screens once again in 2024, embarking on a captivating exploration of the Caribbean islands in the highly anticipated second series of his travel odyssey, "Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure."

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Following the resounding success of his previous travelogue, Myrie's latest endeavor promises to be a deeply personal journey as he delves into his familial roots and connections with the enchanting Caribbean region. Across 15 episodes of 30 minutes each, Myrie will traverse four distinct islands, unraveling their rich histories and forging profound personal connections along the way.

From the vibrant streets of Cuba to the rhythmic beats of Jamaica, the lush landscapes of the Dominican Republic to the sun-kissed shores of Barbados, Myrie's exploration will encompass the diverse tapestry of cultures and landscapes that define the Caribbean. As he immerses himself in each destination, Myrie will indulge his passions, from exploring vintage cars in Cuba to delving into the vibrant music scene of Jamaica.

Central to Myrie's journey is his exploration of his familial ties to the region. With both of his parents hailing from Jamaica, Myrie will trace their footsteps, seeking out family members he has never met and reconnecting with his roots. In Cuba, he will delve into his family history, uncovering the mysteries surrounding his grandfather's time on the island and learning about the indigenous Taino people who once inhabited much of the Caribbean.

In the Dominican Republic, Myrie will uncover the Afro-Caribbean narrative, exploring the country's rich cultural heritage and diving into the unique blend of African and European religious beliefs known as Dominican Santeria. Meanwhile, in Barbados, he will navigate the complex interplay between British colonial influences and the island's evolving identity, immersing himself in the local community and traditions.

BBC Commissioning Editor Muslim Alim expressed excitement for the series, highlighting Myrie's unique perspective and boundless curiosity. Executive Producer Emma Parkins from AlleyCats TV echoed this sentiment, praising Myrie's enthusiasm for uncovering captivating stories and meeting remarkable individuals.

For Myrie, the series is a labor of love, offering viewers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean, a region he proudly considers his ancestral home. With each episode, he hopes to share the incredible landscapes, communities, and traditions that make the Caribbean a true slice of paradise.

"Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure" is commissioned for BBC Two by Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak Commissioning, Rob Unsworth, with support from Commissioning Editor Muslim Alim. Produced by Alleycats TV with backing from Northern Ireland Screen, the series is helmed by Series Director Des Henderson and Executive Producers Emma Parkins and Ed Stobart. Series Producers are Jane McGowan and Denis Minihan.

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