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Saturday 9 March 2024

Marcus Wareing Explores the Charms of Provence in New BBC Series

Renowned Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing is set to tantalize taste buds once again as he embarks on a culinary journey through the sun-kissed landscapes of Provence. Commissioned for BBC Two and iPlayer, "Marcus Wareing Simply Provence" promises to bring viewers an immersive exploration of simple, seasonal French cuisine.

Returning to the small screen, Wareing is on a mission to uncover the essence of traditional French cooking while putting his own British twist on beloved classics. Set against the picturesque backdrop of St Remy, each episode follows Wareing as he delves into the heart of southern French cuisine, seeking out the region's authentic flavors and culinary traditions.

Provence, known for its delectable yet straightforward fare, serves as the ideal canvas for Wareing's summer cooking adventure. From the vibrant colors of ripe tomatoes to the fragrant aromas of fresh herbs, Wareing immerses himself in the local produce and culinary customs, engaging with producers, chefs, and farmers along the way.

The series captures Wareing's hands-on experiences, from olive cracking competitions to leisurely strolls through local markets in search of the freshest catch of the day. With each encounter, Wareing gains insights into the rich tapestry of Provencal cuisine, which he then translates into his own interpretations of French classics.

"I'm a self-proclaimed lover of French food," Wareing remarks, "but, until now, have never stepped back to fully immerse myself in the culture, the people, and the simple, yet delicious, food that is at the heart of this beautiful region." He promises viewers a feast for the senses, as he showcases the diverse flavors and traditions of Provence.

Executive Producer Karen Plumb of Plimsoll Productions praises Wareing's genuine passion for food, noting how it effortlessly translates to the screen. Commissioning Editor Lindsay Bradbury of BBC Daytime echoes this sentiment, highlighting the series' aim to unlock the simple secrets and traditions of French cuisine for audiences.

"Marcus Wareing Simply Provence" is set to air on BBC Two at 6:30 pm and iPlayer later this year. With Wareing at the helm, viewers can expect an unforgettable culinary odyssey through the sun-drenched landscapes and flavorful delights of Provence.

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