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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Interview with Sally Bretton (Martha Lloyd - Beyond Paradise)

DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his team in Shipton Abbott face a series of perplexing crimes in each episode of "Beyond Paradise." From suspicious deaths aboard a steam train to the sudden disappearance of a teacher, their workload remains demanding. Meanwhile, Humphrey and Martha (Sally Bretton) embark on a journey to explore fostering as a means to build their own family. Martha's mother, Anne, plunges into the world of online dating, adding another layer of intrigue. Additionally, a well-intentioned gesture by Esther's daughter, Zoe (Melina Sinadinou), threatens to expose a long-held secret.

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The highly anticipated second series of "Beyond Paradise" is set to premiere on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday, March 22. Viewers can anticipate six new episodes airing weekly at 8 pm, promising more gripping mysteries and compelling character developments.

Where do we find Martha at the start of series two?

You find her very busy at her restaurant. It's all going very well; she's settled and in a really good place.

Series one had around 8 million viewers tuning in every week. What do you think makes the show so popular?

I think it has many things going for it. You have the crime and the puzzle aspect that viewers watch and try and work out alongside the Shipton Abbott police team. It also has so much warmth as the characters are so likeable. I think it's got that light touch and humour that the audience can connect with. Of course, it is also set in the most beautiful surroundings, which you get immersed in when watching.

Martha's restaurant, 10 Mile Kitchen seems to be thriving this series, catering many events. How is she finding it?

She's enjoying it; she's finding her feet. She's taken on another member of staff, and she's in her element, it's been a dream for a long time, and I think she's finally got the confidence now and is enjoying her success.

Do you think she's missing Archie at all?

I think she's disappointed that it couldn't work in the way that she hoped, where Martha and Archie could have worked in close proximity without a romantic connection getting in the way. However, it wasn't possible, so I don't think so.

Esther's daughter, Zoe, helps out in 10 Mile Kitchen. How does she get on working with Martha?

They are a great little pair. She's like a really rich stew when somebody adds the lemon and the garlic to it and it lifts the whole dish and elevates it to a new level. Zoe has got this lovely light and fresh energy which 10 Mile Kitchen and Martha are really grateful for.

How was it working with Melina in those scenes?

She's gorgeous, she's smiley, bright and wide-eyed because it's her first job out of drama school. She was taking it all in, learning so fast and was really happy to be on set and doing what she's always wanted to do.

Anne is on a journey to rediscover herself this series, looking for love on dating apps. How does Martha feel about this?

I think she's really protective of her mum. It's not a world she understands and it's not a world her mum fully understands either. She's nervous, overprotected and it makes her miss her dad a little bit.

This series sees Humphrey and Martha look at the possibility of fostering. What qualities do you think they have that would make them good foster parents?

They're super kind people and patient. They're both intuitive and they care a lot about how people feel. I think there's a lot of great qualities they have which would make them strong candidates to be good foster parents.

Selwyn the Duck was a huge star in series one, she even has her own Twitter account now. Tell us what it was like filming scenes with her, were there any funny moments?

She's called Mech in real life! Sometimes her friends come to visit her when she's on set. One of them will start quacking and Mech will reply – it's like being in the middle of the sea! You can't have them too close when filming a scene, or they'll chat (quack) throughout it.

Watch previous series of Beyond Paradise at https://amzn.to/49OfZsD

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