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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Interview with Kris Marshall (Di Humphrey Goodman - Beyond Paradise)

Shipton Abbott keeps DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and his team on their toes as they face a fresh puzzle in each episode of "Beyond Paradise." From mysterious deaths aboard steam trains to the disappearance of a teacher, their caseload remains challenging. Amidst the investigations, Humphrey and Martha (Sally Bretton) embark on a journey to create their own version of family through fostering. Meanwhile, Martha's mother Anne delves into the realm of online dating. Additionally, a seemingly innocent act by Esther's daughter Zoe threatens to unveil a long-held secret.

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The eagerly anticipated second series of "Beyond Paradise" is set to return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday, March 22. Audiences can look forward to six new episodes airing weekly at 8 pm, promising more thrilling mysteries and captivating character arcs.

Where do we find Humphrey at the start of series two?

We find him in a pretty good space. After the ups and downs of series one and the challenges him and Martha had to face - including moving home, breaking off their engagement, Martha meeting old flames, these issues have now been resolved.

I think they've rediscovered their humour and their sense of fun with each other. Humphrey is back at work and eager to get back to sleuthing and solving the weird and quirky crimes that present themselves in bucolic and rural Devon.

How are Humphrey and Martha getting on now after their brief split?

After dealing with the emotional challenges involved with IVF, they've come full circle and re-found their zest for each other. They've come to terms with the fact they can't conceive a child and it's made them stronger. There's a lightness to them which they maybe lost during their early time in Shipton Abbott. The main thing is that they're happy.

Series one had 8 million viewers tuning in every week. What do you think makes the show so popular?

I think it has an amazing foundation as it is part of the Death in Paradise universe, a franchise with a very strong following that is loved by audiences all over the world.

I'm extremely lucky that Humphrey was one of the show's most popular characters. We had already had a head start from the fans, but I also hope we've brought on board our own fans. I hope people who haven't watched Death in Paradise enjoy tuning in because Beyond Paradise is a completely unique and original show. It shares the same DNA, but it has its own identity.

We've also got a really hot production team who know exactly what they're doing and a brilliant writer and creator, Tony Jordan, who has created a completely unique show that has the South-West at its core. I think it really encompasses the charm, the music and wildness of the area. So, I think it is all those elements which make it so successful, and "Thank God!" is what I say and "Long may it last!"

Can you tell us about some of the cases Humphrey and the team face this series?

We've got a murder on a steam train, the story of a local fishing legend who goes missing from a trawler at sea, a schoolteacher who goes missing in a fog on a beach, a lady who is shot in the back with a bow and arrow and an arsonist predicted by a medium. The team definitely have their hands full this series!

Selwyn the duck was a huge star in the last series, and even has its own Twitter account. Tell us what it was like filming scenes with the duck, were there any funny moments?

It's actually a female duck! The duck is called Mech because of the noise she makes. She's a very well-treated duck, she even has her own trailer. I really love the duck, so does Sally. She's a very professional duck I have to say, I've not worked with many ducks. I've worked with some animals, like dogs before, who are nowhere as professional and intelligent as Mech.

The series sees Humphrey and Martha look at the possibility of fostering. What qualities do you think they have which will make them good parents?

They're fun and they have so much love and emotional support to give to a foster child because of the journey they've been on with IVF. There's a slight madness to them as a couple, they're quirky. They are really close, and they've always got a lot going on which I reckon kids can get on board with. And of course, he's a policeman and she has her own business, so they're both responsible and I think that's what makes good parents.

There's pressure on the team from CS Charlie Woods from Police HQ, can you tell us about that and how Humphrey and the team are dealing with this?

As a small fishing village police station house, they are under the same constraints as many other branches where people feel the world has moved on and everything can be done via computer and CCTV. So they're under those pressures, which I find amazing because they have a 100% success rate when it comes to solving crimes!

But CSI Woods is a strong, incredibly driven character which is why she is Humphrey's boss and the head of the whole division. There's a ruthlessness to her that poses a challenge to the quirky little station house. It's a David and Goliath story, which everyone loves and, in this case, David's an extremely efficient station house that has its own unique way of working. So, let's hope they survive otherwise we won't have another series!

Did you discover any new locations whilst filming this series?

We shot at one location, which is right on the border of Devon and Cornwall, called the Cheesewring. It's right on top of the highest points of the moors and it has loads of these weird rock formations that look like they've been created by aliens. I believe they're also entirely naturally formed and I got the chance to climb all over them. I loved that place; it was really windy and the rain from the moors comes from all directions like that scene in Forrest Gump where he's in the jungle and there's rain coming from everywhere. It was spectacular.

Watch previous series of Beyond Paradise at https://amzn.to/49OfZsD

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