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Thursday 14 March 2024

Eric Bana to Lead and Produce Netflix's New Limited Series 'Untamed'

Today, Netflix revealed plans for 'Untamed,' a limited series set to captivate audiences with its blend of suspense and character-driven storytelling. Helmed by Writers and Executive Producers Mark L. Smith and Elle Smith, in collaboration with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television, 'Untamed' promises to be a riveting exploration of human nature set against the backdrop of the untamed wilderness.

At the heart of the series is Eric Inman, portrayed by the esteemed Eric Bana, known for his versatile roles in films like "Munich," "Hanna," and "Dirty John." Inman is a special agent for the National Parks Service, tasked with upholding law and order amidst the vast expanses of nature. However, when a brutal death shakes the tranquility of the park, Inman finds himself entangled in a web of dark secrets that not only lie within the wilderness but also within his own past.

The logline promises a character-driven mystery-thriller, offering viewers an immersive experience as they accompany Inman on his harrowing journey. With a six-episode format, 'Untamed' is set to deliver intense drama and pulse-pounding suspense in equal measure.

Joining the Smiths as Executive Producers are industry veterans John Wells and Erin Jontow from John Wells Productions, renowned for their work on iconic series such as "ER" and "The West Wing." Todd Black and Tony Shaw of Escape Artists Entertainment, along with Steve Lee Jones of Bee Holder Productions and Cliff Roberts of Syndicate Entertainment, round out the impressive roster of talent behind the scenes.

Under the banner of Warner Bros. Television, the studio responsible for hit Netflix shows like "YOU," "Maid," and "Sweet Tooth," 'Untamed' is poised to continue the tradition of delivering top-tier entertainment to audiences worldwide.

With Eric Bana at the helm and a stellar team of creators and producers guiding the way, 'Untamed' promises to be a thrilling ride into the heart of darkness, where the line between civilization and wilderness blurs, and secrets lurk in the shadows.

Stay tuned for more updates as 'Untamed' prepares to take viewers on an unforgettable journey into the unknown, exclusively on Netflix.

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