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Tuesday 21 August 2018

Channel 4 to get high at The Drugs Café

Set in a Dutch coffee shop, The Drugs Café will invite adults of all ages and backgrounds to take marijuana, sometimes for the first time. Testing the theory that cannabis could bring about more harmonious human relationships, every visitor will have a clear and heartfelt motivation for trying the high, whether they’re looking for a peaceful way to settle a dispute, hoping to take the sting out of a surprising revelation or simply looking to strengthen an existing bond.

From parents aiming to connect more with their child in 24 hours than twenty-four years, to a group of grandmas wanting to tick the adventure off their bucket list, the range of visitors will be a fascinating cross section of British society. Their experiences and interactions over the course of their visit will be captured in intimate detail by a fixed rig.

The 2x60’ series will be made by Tuesday’s Child and was commissioned by Channel 4 Head of Formats Dom Bird and Formats commissioning editor Lee McMurray. Steph Harris will executive produce The Drugs Café.

Lee McMurray said: “This Channel 4 series aims to explore the taboos around cannabis at just the moment when societies around the globe are questioning their attitudes towards the drug. Shot through with wit, warmth and humour, it will also be a fascinating study of human relationships.”

Steph Harris added: “We're bringing the hotly debated topic of UK drug policy into the mainstream and opening the conversation in homes across Britain with this frank, informative and legitimate new relationship format which is sure to be very revealing, entertaining and wholly unpredictable.”

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